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Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Vs iPhone 5: Which Phone Ran The Show In 2012?



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According to Strategy Analyst Samsung would be a tough nut to crack in the year 2013. Samsung has dominated the Smartphone market being the top seller of low-end and high-end devices. After creating quite a stir in market with Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note2, the Korean Company is set to launch the Samsung Galaxy S IV in April and the Samsung GALAXY Note III sometime in 2013 and both the phones are going to put Samsung on a much higher pedestal as compared to Apple.

It is being predicted that Samsung is going to sell 290 million smartphones this year which is 35% more as compared to last year. Meanwhile Apple would be selling 180 million units of in 2013 i.e. 33% more phones as compared to 2012.

An Apple iPhone mini is also being predicted which would be sold in emerging markets like India and China. And as we reported to lure Apple is also planning to offer more colors options in iPhone 5  to customers.

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