Sunday, July 14, 2024

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs LG Optimus G: Why Samsung Dominates Android Market Share?

Samsung is dominating the Android niche. With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 the profit share of Samsung hit sharply to 94.7 percent leaving behind the LG Optimus G with a skimpy stake of 2.5 percent of the share while the other Android mobile companies having only about 2.7 percent of the global Android profit share. The statistical reports have been presented by a survey conducted by the Strategy Analytics where Neil Mawstone, the executive director of the same indicated that the revenue which Samsung Android phones are making in the market is leaving Google perturbed about it.

With the strong hold on the Android souk Neil Mawstone is also of the idea that the challenge and the direction which Samsung is moving with will change the movement of the Android ecosystem. He cited an example by bring up a situation that Samsung might come up with superior software from Android even before any corporation in the Android market does.

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The boss of the Android market Samsung is going to fly high say the experts. The revenues which Samsung generated from its Android phones are much more that what Google is generating. With the inauguration of the Samsung S 4 and it being on track it has out stripping the Samsung S 3 too. It is now likely that Samsung will remain the undoubted head of the Android Market for some time to come.


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