Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2Samsung has managed to notch up a brand name. Samsung has garnered a loyal line of fans. Samsung has also hit bull’s eye with applications. None of these are understatements.

With its Note 8, the Korean King has lifted lids off two popular apps that shall now be available on all its Note avatars. The world has taken to Flipboard to read news on the move. How could Samsung not incorporate the app on device? The Stylish Stylus makes flipping news boards breezier and cool. This app is a winning bargain on Note.

The next app that Samsung offers bundled on Note 8 for a year and as downloadable on predecessors is iOs application for making notes/plans– Awesome Note. Despite users grunting at a small interface on Note and Note 2, it has hogged hordes of loyalists already. You even have our word for the wow factor of both apps. Samsung’s surprises come with a capital S indeed!