Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Killer Features: Dust, Water Resistant With IP67 Rating

The Korean giant is lacing boots up tight again to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. With the Galaxy S5 buzz getting stronger by the dayKorean tech giant Samsung is lacing it boots tight, yet again to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. With the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone generating some good buzz, the latest Samsung Note 4 features are expected to be as interesting.

This device should come with IP67 rating this time. We hear that the Note 4 could be water and dust resistant on lines of the Samsung Galaxy S5. The exterior could be the same as the preceding version. 

The Note 4 could be beefed up in terms of size over its predecessor. However, the screen could be something never-before-seen. Samsung will bid goodbye to Super AMOLED this time.

The third feature, which could make its way into the Galaxy 4, is a bendable screen along with curved battery to fit in with the look of the device. Although it is yet to be official, the Note 4 could come laced with retina scanner for heightened security.


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