Samsung has decided it in principle not to sell any of its phone models including the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Alpha not to be sold online in Indiaupcoming Galaxy Note 4 and Alpha through the online mode. In this intense age of cut throat competition, this move by Samsung might look surprising at the first glance.

Other brands like Motorola, Asus and Xiaomi have been making considerable profits by selling mobile phones through online mode. However, by deciding to sell its products only through the retail outlets, Samsung has tried to send a message to its business partners that it cares for them.

However, by this move of Samsung a notion has gone down to the customers that the products will be priced on the higher side. The customers will have to wait more for any official price reduction whenever Samsung does so, especially for the Galaxy Note 4 and Alpha series.

The better option would have been to follow a combination of online and offline modes of business operation. This way, both the customers and the retailers would have been happy. Galaxy Note 4 is all set to be launched either by end of September or October beginning. It waits to be seen as to how do customers take this new initiative from Samsung as countdown to launch of Galaxy Note 4 nears.