The much awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been revealed by Samsung on the 4th of September and it certainly looks like a winner! It will take till the 25th of this month for the new phablet to reach stores and let us review to see whether it will make a good buy.

The screen size has been slightly increased, which is nice. The Galaxy Note 3 will use a Snapdragon 800 micro processor, support LTE 4G technology, have a 13MP camera and a few neat design changes. The most noticeable is the faux leather back of the phone! Yes, Samsung has gone away from plastic for the latest Galaxy Note 3 and has opted for a Black or White faux stitched leather look, very smart to be honest and it suits the size of the phone. The Galaxy Note 3 will support multiple carries in the US.

The Galaxy Note 3 will likely be available with 32 GB of inbuilt memory and an option for an additional 64 GB via external memory card. It does not seem like Samsung will be launching a 64 GB variant of the Galaxy Note 3.