Sunday, July 14, 2024

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Samsung Galaxy S5: A True Digital Storage Heaven?

Upgrades are all the more welcome in techie world. With Galaxy S4 not yet reached across all the regions, we have already started thinking about Galaxy S5. Galaxy Note 3 series have been just out and, we crave for Note 3 with dual SD card slots so that one of the cards can be switched on at any given point of time to overcome the limitations of internal storage.

After inquiring about the flaws of the Note 2 series, we came across with the problem of storage capacity from the buyers and readers. Though, the buyers were informed about an update in the same to enable users to run apps from an SD card, they long for a built in dual SD card slots in the upcoming Note 3. It would help them run apps from an SD and the other SD card would be used for media content and other files.

According to readers, the idea of dual SD card slots would be “true digital storage heaven” and they would like to welcome Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5 as well with dual SD card slots. Now, we hope that Samsung must be developing the idea of dual SD card slots in both the phablet-phone series.

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