Friday, June 14, 2024

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4: Out Of Samsung Shell Which Of Them Would Rise And Shine


While we’re eagerly awaiting Samsung’s launch of its brand new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, we’ve also been hearing a lot of buzz about the successor to the hugely successful Galaxy Note 2. Looks like the world can’t wait to know what’s in store for it!

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An unnamed source has revealed that the Korean manufacturer is also working on a phablet with a 5.9-inch OLED display. Not only this, but the device is also expected to be powered by Samsung’s upcoming octa-core Exynos processor. However, for those of you waiting to see the bendable screens in action, looks like you’ll have to wait for some more time.

Like we said before, these are just rumors are there’s still no official word from Samsung just yet. But, the timing does coincide with last year’s launch of the Galaxy S3 and then the Galaxy Note 2 a little while later. And as screen sizes get bigger on the flagship smartphone, we can expect the Galaxy Note 2’s successor also to be bigger. So, what’s your pick – the Galaxy S4 or the Galaxy Note 3?

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