It is tough to pinpoint Samsung’s strategy in going big this season. While the world considers slim as eye-candy, Samsung has changed the dimension of sexy by going really wide on a slim body. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could exemplify what we mean.

I call it a fab-let—oops – a fab Phablet.  Just some time back, I was lost in dreams of the Samsung Galaxy S4 knocking at my door. And now I have gone on to dream of another Samsung Knight—the Galaxy Note 3—this time it is in shining armour indeed.

While I though the Samsung  Galaxy Note 2 had caught on some rust, I found two good reasons why my relationship with it can still go strong —despite the Note 3 tempting me to betray my erstwhile partner.

Why would I abandon a partner how has stuck to my fingers as honey does to bees? Given that Samsung is packing in punches with new devices often, there just might rise the possibility of letting me down with the Galaxy Note 2. Remember how Apple mashed its pies with jet-paced releases?

No matter how addicted I am to Samsung, spending the moolah makes me think twice. The Galaxy Note 3 will be super-seductive, super-gorgeous and super-pricey. Period. Why would break my bank when I could get a lesser price with a longer wait?

Sounds convincing enough to stick to my Note2? I wonder, I muse…..