After the success of Galaxy Note-series phablets by Samsung, companies like Apple, Blackberry and Nokia are following its path by entering into phablet world. Emergence of a new device during a recent Nokia presentation validates the rumors about Nokia working on a Windows Phone 8 phablet.

The available phablets till today run only on Android limiting the choices for consumers.  There were rumors about Apple working on a more than 5-inch phablet to be launched in 2014, and Blackberry on a 5-inch device to be called A10 resembling more of larger BlackBerry Z10. Now, Nokia is expected to bring its first Windows Phone 8-powered phablet to the industry that might have been shown during the presentation.

According to the images posted by WP7forum from the launch event of Nokia Lumia 925, it is concluded that a bunch of Lumia smartphones were appeared along with a longer and wider smartphone than the flagship Lumia 925 and 920. The device was more similar to the Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 in appearance excepting its smaller Windows button.

The device may be filed in the rumor category as it had red icons similar to the images for the Verizon Lumia 928 and more because it is not expected from a big company like Nokia to flash an unannounced device during a presentation.