The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been hogging headlines for a while now, even though we’ve received no official word on its launch from Samsung itself. And the latest rumor involves Samsung putting in an innovative plastic screen on the device which could make it flexible and unbreakable.

Samsung’s taking on Apple in innovation and looks like there’s no stopping the Korean tech major. But there’s also a possibility that its rival LG could beat it at its own game by introducing the Optimus G2 with a similar technology screen.

The competition between LG and Samsung is all set to heat up on the heels of this rumor, especially after the launch of the respective Optimus G Pro and Galaxy S4 flagship devices. Of course, like we said above, at this stage, it’s all rumors and we don’t really know if it would be feasible for either of the companies to implement the unbreakable screen technology.

But in the case of Samsung, it could end up making a few units of the Galaxy Note 3 with this screen like in the case of the Exynos 5 powered Galaxy S4. However, a huge drawback we’re anticipating in such a device is the lack of full HD resolution. The LG Optimus G2 is expected to release sometime during Q3 of 2013, wonder if Samsung will bring out the Galaxy Note 3 before that.