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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Vs Apple iPhone 6: Third Samsung Note Prodigy Armed To Slaughter Apple With Never-Before-Seen Specs

Straight from the makers– we have news that Samsung Note 3 would be ready and out this September. The Berlin IFA 2013 would be might be the lucky platform to unravel the Note 3 that we are waiting to see and work upon! Here are four reasons why the third baby from the Note family is set to take our breath away and slaughter the much imagined phablet Apple iPhone 6.

Jolly Good 5.9-inch display– The size itself makes me check my grip. Samsung impresses us in novice ways and the 5.9-inch screen promise is incredibly true.  Perhaps Chinese gadgets that are touching new widths in terms of screen size inspired Samsung to innovate with size. The bigger, the better, we know!

Phew! Break it if you can- Slips, spills, fractures—the three fears that most of us have while handling our sexy tabs and phablets. However, with Samsung Note 3, forget the worry of breaking it even by chance. PHOLED-laced, power-efficient, green et al, we know that unbreakable means life-long!

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Throw caution to the wind with 8-core Exynos Octa 5 Chip- The Samsung S4 could use the 8-core chipper to a limit. Samsung shall manage to rid off all supply woes and the Note 3 would be featherd with the 8-core Exynos Octa 5 chip. 8-core means breeze, we deduce.

Saying cheese to get cheesier- With its promise of a 13-16 MP shutter, we only care for saying cheese now. For us, the Note 3 could be a somersaulting winner that changes the way phablet cams are meant to be!

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