Sunday, May 19, 2024

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Vs Apple iPhone 5S: Samsung Pushing The Envelope, Would Apple Cope?



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With Samsung Galaxy S4 a day away from release, Samsung is focusing its energies on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note III which would sport a 6.3’’ display. As reported earlier the phablet would have an S-pen with enhanced capabilities, there are also chances that Samsung would replace OLED screen with and LCD so that S-pen works better. The recently revealed Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 has LCD screen which makes for a superior S-pen experience.

The deliberation regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen is surfacing as company has invested $130 million in Sharp which offers superior screens with extraordinary brightness and pixel density.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with better S-pen capabilities and a LCD screen, Samsung is really pushing the envelope  and making the world tougher  for Apple iPhone 5S which slated for yearend launch.

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