The users of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 who have installed the S View cover or any other cover from another company have been warned against updating their device to the Android 4.4 Kit Kat. 

This is because the new update will automatically disable support for those third party covers as noted by Ars Technica and officially confirmed by Samsung. 

Samsung has also released a statement saying that they have identified certain software that has compatibility issues with the Note 3 and certain third party accessories. They are currently working on fixing this issue.

Initially, Samsung had denied this compatibility issue when users claimed that their cases had stopped functioning correctly. The Samsung Mobile Facebook Page for Singapore had posts from four users of the Galaxy Note 3 who had this issue and two people whose S View covers had malfunctioned. 

Earlier, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 had reportedly developed battery issues after users had updated their devices to Android 4.3. Thus, it appears that Samsung needs to be a bit more thorough when testing out new software updates on their smart phones and accessories before they issues these updates to their customers.