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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review: A Handy Robot With Mesmerising Power

Here comes a device that would put all tasks right in your hand. A great phone, it keeps you socially more connected and makes your business life effortless. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a pretty and simple baby. A handy smartphone, it is proving more useful and successful to business people who are able to accomplish their official work just with the few clicks on their smart gadget.

This comfort for users is because of the amazing Samsung Galaxy Note 3 specs and features. Right from the instant communication to the multi- window tasking features, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 helps users in performing their tasks timely with greater comfort.

Exceptional Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Features

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There are many things that make this smartphone a user friendly one because you can conveniently undertake online communication, online transactions and online deals that become common tasks in accomplishing any kind of business. Samsung Note 3 is designed with high-end features like Air command, New S Note, Scrapbook, Multi-window, S Finder, My Magazine, S Finder and a Direct Pen Input.

Stylus Pen

This phablet comes with a stylus pen that helps you to edit files easily and accurately. It is also helpful in signing documents as it recognises the user’s handwriting. This S pen has just become a major reason to the tremendous success of the Galaxy Note 3. Business people get a better working experience using the S pen. Data writing, saving and sharing can be done easily.

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Multi Window Tasking

Multi Window tasking is a special feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone. It helps you to perform both the tasks simultaneously, like writing a mail to your client or colleague and can also do other activity like browsing or viewing image in the other window. You can prepare a spreadsheet and can use calculator simultaneously. This is highly timesaving and makes your work faster.

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Mahak Sharma
Mahak Sharma
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