Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Pre-order and Trade in Deals: Ahead of The Apple iPhone 6 Release

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is all set to release in the UK later this month. The Smartphone giant has priced its Samsung Galaxy Note 2 descendant for the heavy price of 649 euros. This version of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is SIM free and those interested in buying would be able to pre-order Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ahead of the sale date i.e. September 25. Last week at the IFA tech show in Berlin, Samsung also opened the avenues for the pre-order of its Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch. Priced at 299 euros, this Samsung offering would be going against Apple iWatch.

For those who are looking to exchange their old phones with Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung has offered lucrative trade-in options to the first 500 customers. They would be able to get a discount of 50 euros on the exchange of old smartphones with Samsung Galaxy note 3. Coming to beat Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 packs a solid punch. With 5.7 inch screen, Android 4.3 jelly bean processor, and full HD super AMOLED screen, this Apple iPhone 6 nemesis is sure to set the smartphone market temperature soaring.

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What do you techthirstians think about Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Would you trade in your old phone for Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

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