Saturday, December 2, 2023

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Is Basking In The Glory Even Before The Release: The S-pen To Take Its Magic A Notch Further

While we’re waiting eagerly for Samsung to launch its Galaxy S4 flagship smartphone, we decided to distract ourselves by checking out other rumored upcoming devices. And we came across quite a bit more information on the upcoming Galaxy Note 3. Like with any successor, this one too will have a better look, feel and performance undoubtedly.

The latest we’ve heard is that Samsung could put in an IGZO LCD screen from Sharp on the Galaxy Note 3 instead of an AMOLED one to make the S-Pen more convenient to use on the device. We can expect Samsung to unveil the Galaxy Note 3 sometime during the later half of the year, after the Galaxy S4 manages to establish itself in the market.

There is also speculation that the Galaxy Note 3 could be fitted with a PHOLED screen like the upcoming  Samsung Galaxy S4. But we’re more inclined towards the LCD screen, especially since the Galaxy Note 8.0 which was released recently had an LCD display.

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The Galaxy Note 2’s successor is expected to come with either a 5.8-inch or a 6.3-inch screen, making it quite a large gadget. It could also be powered by Samsung’s brand new octo-core Exynos 5 processor which was showcased during the CES 2013. This processor is not just powerful but quite power efficient too. With the IGZO LCD screen and the Exynos 5 processor, the Galaxy Note 3 could have a long battery life.


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