Since its release, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has created  quite a stir in the market. It is endowed with blisteringly fast hardware performance, S-pen and gesture control features—these things indeed make it very exciting.

However, it still suffers from several glitches. So, before buying the phone here are the things you should check.

1. If you will try to add contact names with S-pen, there are chances that it might not add first and surname automatically.

  1. S-Pen Button became a hype for its innovative value but it is no or minimal use due to its awkward placement.
  2. S-Pen Keeper will only tell you that the S-pen is not attached to your device when turn off your screen
  3. Many users have reported that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has the issue of WiFi dropping. Your WiFi router or the Internet supplier may also cause this problem.
  4. While launching camera app some users have experienced black screen. The interface suddenly stops responding and it says Camera not responding.
  5. Home keys get stuck on itself. You may to press the key two or three times to get it out of stuck mode.

 Some of these problems can be fixed by updating your phone to the latest firmware but if you still face the issue then it is better to contact the Samsung store.