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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and LG Optimus G Pro—‘Oh-So-No’ When I have an Apple to Gorge on

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There was a time when popping a tablet was a pain. Now with smartphones dictating our choices, tablets and phablets have turned into a cool flaunt—‘obliviating’ the original meaning of a pill! Without so much jabber, let us move on to a question that has been puzzling me over some weeks. Are phablets really worth a buy? With all high-end phones coming in 5-incher and plus sizes, how to demarcate between hybrids and pure breed phablets. Even once this dilemma is sorted, a recent research report makes me sit up.

Flurry, a research group says that despite the so-called popularity of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and upcoming Samsung Galaxy note 3 and the LG Optimus  Pro line, they are not as welcome as their low- end counterparts are.  Make a note—the latter are more compact too!

In fact, the Apple iPhone and devices of screen size between 3-5 inches ate up 69 per cent of user share in terms of usage in March this year. Is Jobs’s statement that 4-inch is an ideal screen size, ringing in mind?

Mary Ellen Gordon from flurry  says, “The ‘Is it a phone or is it a tablet’ devices otherwise known as phablets have attracted interest, but currently command a relatively small share (2%) of the device installed base, and their share of active users and sessions is also relatively small.”

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Satarupa Bhattacharya
Satarupa Bhattacharya
Satarupa B. Kaur has been writing professionally since a decade now. Always on the go; she loves to travel, books, playtime with her toddler--as she explores new places, amazing food and anything tech!
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