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Samsung Galaxy Note 3: 5 Killer Features to Look Out For?

The rumoured specs have led to the confirmation of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The device is all set to release on the 4th of September. Prior, its release analysts have started gossiping about its features. Perhaps the top amazing menu of Note 3 is said to include:

  1. Super Battery

A leaked image of Note 3 without a back cover reveals the massive battery of the device. This will be a new addition to Note 3 and it has been introduced to complement the energy efficiency of the new screen technology and Snapdragon processor.


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  1. Almost Unlimited Internal Memory

Along with fast processor and larger screen with vibrant resolution, now the technology offers 8GB storage configuration. It is said that soon gadgets will comes with a storage capacity of 384GB and Note 3 is one of the devices to experience this rise.


  1. Flexible display with alert to prevent breaking

Company is developing a panel giving the display a capacity to bend the display. The bendable screen can be bent and folded with ease. There is a sensor attached that measures that strain when external forces are applied. When the strain reaches the tolerance level, the gadget produces a warning signal

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  1. Improved camera with optical zoom

Galaxy is launching the S4 zoom with Note 3. Note 3 will feature the 3x optical zoom offering same quality image as delivered by a standalone digi camera.


  1. Wireless charging

Note 3 is likely to chug along for expanded hours in one charge. Samsung is giving Note 3 the same wireless charging capability as like the other releases. It sticks to the Qi standards, thus several charging equipment will suit well with gigantic second flagship release of the gadget.



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