Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S4 To Dominate The Smartphone Market In 2013




Dominating the smartphone global market with 29% of share Samsung said in a statement that it may ship 510 million handsets with the commencing of New Year.  Out of total 390 million would be smatphones. Last year Samsung shipped 420 million units and with this year’s 510 million phones there is a raise of 20% in its shipment. Apart from shipping the popular Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S3 and other Galaxy devices (also expecting Samsung Galaxy S4) , the Korean giant would be shipping Windows 8 powered phones.

Research firm HIS iSuppli, said that in 2012 Samsung took away the reigns from Nokia who in 2011 ha 30% share of the market with Samsung trailing at 24%.

For 2012, it is Samsung who is on the throne with 29%, and Nokia is sitting just behind with 24% share