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Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S4, S3 Android 4.3 Update Issues: Blue Tooth Issue, Battery Drain,Phone Freeze,

Android 4.3 updates on Samsung Galaxy S3,S4 and Samsung galaxy note 2 is apparently not a smooth ride. Since Andoird has rolled out the updates the Samsung phones are facing critical issues like battery drain, phones freeze, abnormal phone lock, wireless connectivity and many more.

Initial push of Android 4.3 on Note 2 and Samsung Galaxy ,S3 S4 was infected with bugs.  The users faced problems like battery drain, occasional device freezing, buggy Wi-Fi connection, camera functionality errors and RAM management. However, Samsung released new Android 4.3 update to all the users of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and  S3,S4.

Still the users complained about the various issues their phone was facing.

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AT&T’s customers have also reported that they not able to able to software update on their phones with Over The Air process. Reportedly the update stops at 25%.

Even Verizon customers have reported various problems such as Wi-Fi connection drop and phone charging issues once Android 4.3 is installed on Galaxy S4. Galaxy S3  and Note 2.

So the major problems, which are being faced, by Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3, S4 users after installing Android 4.3 updates are:

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1.      Battery drain

2.      Unresponsive screen

3.      Some apps are not working

4.      Bluetooth issues

5.      LTE auto-connect under Wi-Fi




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