Everyone is waiting for Samsung’s much spoken about smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear. It is not because it will be the first smartwatch. There are a few good options available right now like the Pebble. And Sony has been making them for years. They just haven’t taken off. Then again, they have never been truly necessary or even convenient. And yet iPhones weren’t the first touch screen phones and iPads weren’t the first tablets.

There has recently been much speculation and many rumours about the Galaxy Gear smartwatch and recently some leaks as well. Most of them agree that the screen of the watch will be from 2.5 to 3 inches with an OLED display. The watch is supposed to be able to read all kinds of health related data, like pulse and step count. It is believed that it will run a special keyboard less version of Android 4.3 or possibly a Samsung devised operating system!

That Samsung is considering designing an operating system of its own is really big new since that would pit it directly against the tech giant Google. And rumours that Google is also busy designing a smart watch of its own!

We are likely to see this smartwatch at IFA in Berlin.