Samsung Galaxy and LG Optimus Beat BlackBerryBlackBerry has propped up and got juicier with rumors of a phablet in gestation. Samsung, LG and Apple together seemed to have squeezed the BlackBerry completely dry! With the BlackBerry slated to bury into some grave even six months back, the present speaks a story of its magical resurrection.

If you thought the BlackBerry Z10 would be the zzzzzzzzzzz mode for the makers, you could not have been more wrong.

With the Z having escalated the popularity of the BlackBerry to heights seen ages back, the makers are mulling plans to flesh 5-incher on the Z10 skeleton. The biggest reason why BlackBerry loyalists are beaming is that this could be the ultimate answer to the Samsung Galaxy Note series and the LG Optimus lineup. BlackBerry seems to have lost its hold on the smartphone map after its divorce from RIM. However, now that it has jolted back to activity, a spree of smarties are on cards for this year.

Peter Misek from Jeffries and Co says,  “Based on our checks we believe confirmation that 2-3 additional BB10 models are likely to launch before year end. A mid-range (i.e., ~$400) keyboard, a mid-range touch, and a 5″ Z10-like device (slated for year end launch).”