Sunday, July 14, 2024

Samsung Bound: The Release Date of Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon Changed To 23rd May

There is good news in the air for people waiting for the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon. The much awaited device is all set to hit the stores as early as 23rd May—which is a week before 30th May–the date announced earlier. Authorities connected with the Samsung’s flagship phone had revealed on April 24 that Verizon customers could lay their hands on the Galaxy only by the end of May.

As loyal customers wait for the biggest smart phone in the market, there are many speculations doing the rounds regarding its various features and specifications. The news that the Galaxy S4 will be available in numerous in stores and online from 23rd May onwards has brought a lot of cheer in the circle of telecomm watchers and smart phone lovers alike. The preorders for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon have already begun at $199.99– from the last week of April.

While AT&T is putting the same price tag on its latest launch, Sprint is charging $249.99 with no discounts and the prices of T-Mobile stand at $149.99. Verizon sits in the center of the spectrum and the last of the four main carriers to offer Galaxy S4 to its customers.

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Verizon has always made it a point to pick up devices at a much later stage than its competitors. They often blame this delay on testing procedures—which happen to take a notoriously long time in the world of telecommunications.

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