Thursday, June 13, 2024

Samsung ATIV Tab To Get Chopped Off Form The US Market, May Fail To Attract Buyers



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Samsung ATIV Tab Windows RT may not find buyers In US, so the Korean based manufacturer has decided to withdraw the ATIV Tab from U.S. Markets. U.S.

Samsung Senior VP Mike Abary said that the company would have to go out its way to explain to U.S. consumers about Windows RT and the difference between the OS and Windows 8. According to Abary, this would prove expensive to the company and also retail partners of Samsung in US have been put off by the tablet and are not really excited about the device.

Abary further said that that it could not sell the tablet in the US for the price point it wants to sell on. The price of the tablet may go up not because of Microsoft but because of the way Samsung has built it.

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The Korean based tech titan said it still has an interest in Windows RT and will monitor how the market responds to current models.

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