Barring a few exceptions, most of the ultra books in the market today centre around Pixels, Performance and Portability. The Samsung ATIV Book 9, Apple MacBook Pro 2013 and the Lenovo Yoga have all been recently launched in the market and needless to say, all three will be judged on these parameters.

Samsung ATIV Book 9

The Samsung ATIV Book 8 ticks all the three boxes of Pixels, Portability and Performance. The design of the ATIV Book 9 ultra book is heavily inspired from the proto –ultrabook of Samsung, the Samsung Series 9. The Samsung Series 9 set a new yardstick for light and thin category for ultrabooks and the ATIV Book 9 truly resonates with the new design philosophy. The ATIV Book 9 is powered by the highly efficient and high performance Intel’s fourth-generation i5 Core processors and an equally efficient solid state drive  (SSD).

Apple MacBook Pro 2013

Apple recently launched the 2013 models for MacBook Pro. These are 13-inch and 15-inch models. The 13-inch model is thinner than the previous version. It is only.71 thick and weighs slightly more than 3 pounds. Indeed, the 13-inch model is lighter and thinner than its predecessor. It is powered by Intel Core i5, 2.4 GHz Haswell processor along with 128 GB SSD and 4 GB RAM cache.  The present Retina display feature will seen an enhancement in the form of Intel Iris GPU.

Lenovo Yoga 

Lenovo unveiled the Yoga series tablets in US in October this year. The Yoga Tablet 10 and Yoga Tablet 8 are two new exciting tablets launched by Lenovo. Both the tablets feature the multimode design from Lenovo. With this unique feature, users get three different modes to do their work. These modes are stand, tilt and hold. Both the Yoga series tablets also come with cylindrical handles seen at one end for offering a perfect grip.