Microsoft took a tentative step into the world of mobile devices with Windows Phone and Windows 8 over the past couple of years. But the company has keenly observed and taken corrective measures, and is all set to bring out a terrific Windows 8.1 Blue OS, especially aimed at the mobile device segment.

With the soon to be released Windows 8.1 Blue, it looks like Microsoft has finally hit the nail on the head when it comes to enhancing the mobile experience, and this could be bad news for Apple and Android device manufacturers like Samsung. Acer most certainly believes in Microsoft’s potential – it feels that Windows Blue powered smartphones and tablets could easily offer the iPad 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 a run for their money.

Acer’s President Jim Wong shared these views during a recent interview with Bloomberg, where he also remarked that Microsoft’s key strength lies with making mobile devices fit for enterprise use that can easily sync up with workstations. Wong believes that the only thing holding Microsoft back in the mobile OS race is that it doesn’t have enough apps to offer to its customers just yet.

But that could soon be overcome, as according to rumors, popular apps like Instagram and others could soon be offered on the Windows Store too. And if more hardware manufacturers start making Windows 8 based tablets and smartphones, it could possibly even overthrow Apple and Google.