While Salman Khan’s Facebook page has garnered millions of likes in a span of a day, most Indian celebrities don’t have an official fan page on Facebook.  

When Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan joined Facebook, he had 8 lakh followers in just a few hours. When India’s greatest batsman Sachin Tendulkar joined the popular social networking bandwagon, he got 4 lakh likes in no time. When Salman Khan launched his Facebook page on 14 September,  he added 2.6 million people to his fan list .

Khan has a huge fan base across the globe, so the stream of likes comes as no surprise. There are many fake Salman pages on Facebook so for those who are diehard fans of the star, you can follow him on  Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/BeingSalmanKhan.

The superstar launched his page giving us a sneak peek into his chain of Being Human stores which he plans to open by October. Confirming the authenticity of his social media page, Khan posted a video message saying, “A lot of people told me ‘there are so many of (your) fake Facebook pages, so when are you joining it’. So, here I am on this platform.”

A quick look on the fan page and you get to see some rare pictures of Khan lying in bed with his pet, working out, his pictures with other celebrities and one and in a super-cool bandana with red shades (we’re not sure of the make there).

Some of the leading celebrities who have a vast fan following are singers, mind you, not actors. Leading the pack, hold your breath, is Eminem with a ludicrous 61,063,832 likes. Why? He posts videos, gives constant updates about tours, keeps a stock of Eminem paraphernalia for sale and even has his own Facebook mobile game. Rihanna and Lady Gaga have the second largest and third largest following with 60,315,493 likes and 53,281,893 likes respectively.

Of Indian celebrities on Facebook, Salman Khan has garnered maximum likes with 833,479 followers. Aamir Khan has 5,221,670 followers, while Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkar have 2,335,655 and 7,892,594 followers respectively.

We wonder why young Indian celebrities don’t want to  have a Facebook presence. It will be good to see more Indian celebrities experiment with their Facebook pages. With more than a billion people to love them, it’s a platform waiting to be harnessed.