Starcraft has enjoyed an unputdownable popularity among gamers and its availability on the browser is welcoming news. Ryuta “gloomyson”, a GitHub user, has successfully uploaded Starcraft’s original version on the browser, which means the game can now be played from any device and at any time.

Though this is a great news for gamers, it might not last too long as they have used the original game assets without Blizzard’s permission, reported The Next Web.

 Ryuta brings Starcraft game online on the browserPlaying Starcraft is easy now

Playing the game on your browser is simple as you do not need to free a lot of space on your device to install the game. All you need is a strong internet connection and updated graphics to enjoy the animations.

To enjoy the game, one needs updated hardware. The game is currently in demo mode but could be pulled down soon.

At the same time, cheat codes meant for the original game can be used on the browser as well, which means more fun for gamers.

However, there is still a doubt regarding the availability of the game on browser as Blizzard may lodge a legal case against Ryuta for using their assets illegally.