Running category has been the hot favorite of all gaming enthusiasts. Keeping this in mind, a new app based on speed running will make its way this Thursday in the app store for $0.99. The new 2 dimensional App is called Mikey Shorts and the players have to jump for one level to another to get rewarded.

The score depends on how fast you cover the level. In this adventurous game, you will slide, jump, rescue people, and collect coins to buy fun costumes. The game has been loaded more than 100 disguises, which includes an avatar head, eyes, and faces.

In-game leaderboards will be available to access through Game Center. The game has been developed by Designer Mike Meade and programmer Mike Gaughen of Beaver Tap Games. The names of the game have been derived from the developer names itself.

You would be able to enjoy Mikey Shorts on iPad as well as iPhone. Do check out the review of the App, which will go live as soon as the app is released in Stores.

You can watch the official trailer of Mikey Shorts for iOS here,