rumours on iphone 6Are you ready to welcome iPhone 6? Though not too much has been revealed about the iPhone 6, a lot of rumors have been making the rounds about this new device:

Rumor 1: Tech pundits are of the view that Apple will not delay its launch and we should see this new device any time this summer.

Rumor 2: Some other experts are of the opinion that the world will first see the Apple iPhone 5S followed by the release of the iPhone 6 in June 2014.

Rumor 3: Nothing can be said with certainty yet, but the iPhone 6 is likely to run on the iOS 7. The new operating system is expected to be attractive and exclusive. It’s also being said that old users of the iPhone might not be comfortable using the new OS of the iPhone 6.

Rumor 4: Apple is also expected to replace the battery with a more powerful one.

Rumor 5: Changes can also be expected on the storage capacity of the new device. The iPad’s 128GB storage capacity is likely to be replicated on the iPhone 6. Though it might cost a fortune!

Rumor 6: Wireless charging might be given a push but nothing can be said for sure. Eye tracking on the iPhone 6 is sure to see a redesign.