Apple iPhone 6 is in every sense the most rumored device of 2014. Not only that, this Rumored Specs and Update on Release Date of Apple’s Flagship iPhone 6smartphone is enjoying more varied kinds of rumors than any other device. This is only due to the fact that iPhone 6 is the most anticipated phone of this year.

Apple has not said anything about the release of this smartphone but as per speculations iPhone 6 will hit the market around October. This is because Apple has always released its smartphones in the second half of the year and the last three smartphone models were particularly launched in September- October. Rumors are doing the rounds that Apple would announce iPhone 6 in the Worldwide Developers Conference along with the launch of other devices.

Though it started as a rumor but it is very likely to come true that iPhone 6 would have bigger screen. It is reported to come in two different screen sizes, 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches with higher display resolution. As per rumors, the smaller of the two would be launched first followed by the bigger one in December 2014. iPhone 6 is also speculated to run on iOS 8, powered with A8 processor. It would probably have internal or expandable storage capacity upto 128 GB as per another rumor.

A rumor that has recently cropped up is that iPhone 6 is to cost $ 100 more. Apparently Apple is pushing the carriers to accept this proposition, which they are trying to resist firmly. This could irk the customers a bit.

As long as Apple is not announcing iPhone 6, rumors would continue to float. Some may even come true but to know the reality you have to wait till Apple opens up.

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