Not that the death hoax of celebrities and popular people is a new thing in the social media, but when news sites such as CNN report the same, it really can be so much serious.

 The British comedian, popularly known for his character ‘Mr Bean’, Rowan Atkinson was reported to have died by an accident on Wednesday. The news went viral on social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook. Messages of “Rest in Peace Mr. Bean” were seen almost on every news feed. However, the public heaved a sigh of relief when came straight away dismissed the news as hoax. The actor is well alive and kicking. This is the trick to capture the attention of gullible Facebook users and make them download the Facebook malware application, that will ask the users their Facebook account details and send the same hoax news to all your friends on the social networking site. This is nothing new though, there have been many times that this sad trick has been played, with people falling for it.

 Users should use their common sense, before going on to install the Facebook media plug-in that asks users to clean up their systems, and watch the suicide video of Rowan Atkinson. Seriously, doesn’t that seem too good to be true? This was what the false death report said, “English Actor Comedian Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) died at 58 after committing suicide. The comedian committed suicide right after the producer removed him on Johnny English 3. Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) recorded a suicide video with a message to his producer and fans around the world. (watch more).” This happened in 2012 as well, when even Wikipedia was fooled into believing that the famous actor passed away.

 Don’t worry, and never fall for these traps, the superstar of comedy Mr Rowan Atkinson is doing just fine.