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Rockstar Games Makes Comeback with GTA 5

After one of the longest waiting periods in gaming history, Rockstar Games has returned with a bang with the latest trailer of its prized edition, GTA 5. Following up on the recent trailer, Dan Houser has revealed more details about the game in an interview session with IGN including its multiple endings and options to switch between the playable characters from time to time. The game would be divided into various missions which may involve a single playable character whereas others may feature two or three figures. The options can be utilized by the gamer to switch between them and continue the thrilling game play. As Houser puts it, “The characters are all there and you join them for a bit and see what they do. Then you cut to someone else. That’s going to feel amazing…” One couldn’t agree more. With the latest trailer which features in-game footage has prove to be a marvel in itself. Rockstar has retained its reputation and bettered itself with the latest detail revelations.
More details revealed about the game include the detail that the multiplayer featured would be the ‘most comprehensive package’ prepared by Rockstar till date. Presently it is being developed only for PS3 and Xbox 360. Yes, PC users would have to wait for a while to get their hands on this version. The game’s length would be a big question troubling the gamers and learning from their fiasco in GTA 4, Rockstar has restricted the game’s length by a bit. The total game may last 25-30 hours equaling its other release ‘Red Dead Redemption’ but will offer the gamer a lot of explorations which may lead to a more holistic package.
If you are a fan of GTA series, you may get to see some familiar faces from GTA 4 edition, but Rockstar has deliberately missed out on the other versions. There is a lot of fast-paced action which is ensured with the wide variety of vehicles available through the length of the game. Rockstar’s experiments with the field of music would be taken forward with GTA 5 having its own unique musical score as well. The game’s expanse would be dealt with just like Los Angeles with contrasts between packed city streets and wide open countryside areas. As Houser puts it, ‘the map is going to be spectacular to people when they start exploring and playing around with it.’
And last but not the least, one of the essential elements that makes GTA 5 the star amongst games- the heist. The game would be featuring some really high-action bank robberies and unlike its previous predecessors which featured low scale crimes, this time Rockstar is not leaving anything small. As a fresh and remarkable feat, the game would be featuring a daring bank robbery for the gamers.
One couldn’t agree with Dan Houser when he states that this is ‘biggest world’ made by them. And with a range of new screenshots revealed alongside the trailer, Rockstar team has managed to steal the thunder from the releases of Fall 2012. Well, the engines are still vrooming as GTA 5 comes to consoles on Spring 2013.


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