Rockstar Games finally reveals more information about its hit franchise GTA 5. It reveals a series of screenshots showing possible vehicles in the game play…

After a long gap, Rockstar Games has finally revealed a set of three screenshots regarding their hit franchise, GTA series. The latest edition, GTA 5 is expected to have a series of some cool vehicles to support the ‘purposeful’ escape in the game. The largest and most detailed of it all is the Hydra jet which makes a comeback in GTA 5. You can pick up the jet and zoom away to glory and park it wherever you want. It has four jet outtakes, which can be directed using directional controls to land at a specific position as per the gamer’s preference. And if you are wondering about the firepower, the Hydra comes equipped with lock-on missiles and manual-aimed versions as well. It can also deploy flares against oncoming missile attacks as well. Its performance and agility are a big plus in any combat situation making it one of the most favored machines of GTA series.

Now one for the road is the super performance Cheetah sports car, which has been a regular partner to GTA explorations. Resembling a cross between Ferrari Testarossa and a Bill Thomas Cheetah, the car looks to dig up some dirt and vroom across the GTA 5 missions in super speed. Now, the screenshots also reveal a sports bicycle a la Lance Armstrong’s ‘weapon of choice’ as well. Now, it waits to be seen whether it would be really useful in the chase or it can just be used as an actual bashing tool to rough up some adversaries in the game. Maybe one could whip the cycle chain to strangle someone in a tussle. That’s just wishful thinking!

Meanwhile, Rockstar Games has kept up the hopes of gamers by promising them ‘More to come this week…’. Now, fans are super excited that the gaming major finally decided to reveal more about the most popular game on the anvil and are looking forward to its upcoming details.

After the grand success received by the Hong Kong-based ‘Sleeping Dogs’ one is very sure that Rockstar has noticed the popularity, which is due to its own creation. After all, many are directly pointing towards the ‘Dogs’ as a Oriental version of GTA series. Now even if people are stating about the controls in the game and getting a familiarity similar to the GTA series, they are not complaining about getting a ‘GTA feel’ in the game. They are impressed by it. Hopefully, GTA 5 will take more cue from this and reveal more info in the times to come.

Responding to a previous query received by Rockstar previously regarding its GTA 5, it had mentioned, “…we want to keep plenty back for the actual game release so there are still lots of surprises when you play it. The only thing we care about is that you enjoy the experience of actually playing the game and that we release accurate information.” Now, fans would be happy to know that this latest revelation is from Rockstar and is not ‘fake’ at all. And I hope that Rockstar understands that it needs to divulge the ‘right amount’ to generate and sustain more interest in its new edition.