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Rivalry of Smartphones? First Apple, Now Nokia, Motorola to Launch New Smartphones

Apple Inc. has never been short of competitors. Earlier, the firm had an advantage of catching its rivals off guard by launching new devices all of a sudden. But now, with growing competition, Apple is never at loss for attracting news for the launch of its latest devices as speculations have been around for its next iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

Major tech giants are now always on a look out to stay ahead of Apple and come out with devices earlier than Apple’s launch.
As rumors of Apple unveiling its iPhone 5 this Sept. 12th comes around, several other tech companies have also crammed up to unveil their latest offerings.
First in the line are Nokia and Motorola Mobility, both of whom have slated a press release for Wednesday, where they are likely to unveil new smartphones.

And the next day, Thursday is scheduled for Amazon, where it is expected to introduce new Kindle devices to users.
Samsung, however, took the jump ahead of all and unveiled ATIV S and Galaxy Note II at IFA 2012 in Berlin. Sony also made an announcement of new tablets at the same electronics conference in Berlin.
The tech event calendar is busy for next few days till the 12th, with all these major giants unveiling their new devices.

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Many analysts believe that the news of Apple’s announcement of its latest iPhone 5 has had a major effect on its competitors, who have now lined up their releases for the same month as Apple’s!

Hoping for undivided attention, these makers now follow suit Apple and call for their press events to launch their products instead of unveiling them at electronic shows in the US.

The year, it seems will be particularly interesting for techies, not only for smartphones and tablets, but also for Microsoft, which is planning to launch its latest Windows 8 operating system anytime soon.

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Microsoft is also going to launch its own Surface tablet, slated for October 26 release.

October will also see Apple’s iPad Mini, which will be a smaller version of iPad with a 7.85-inch screen, assuming to be in competition with Samsung tabs.
The week is especially important for Nokia, whose future depends upon the success or failure of its newer Lumia mobile devices.

Even though these tech giants get in line to compete and stay above each other, good news is for us, as users, who are getting better and faster devices with more affordable choices!

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