A further lay off in employees is expected from RIM, considering its effort to cut company cost by $1 billion by 2013. If reports are to be believed, company is planning to shell out as many as 3,000 employees by next week. Nevertheless, this information has not been confirmed by RIM yet.

RIM’s Global Corporate Communications Manager in an interview to TechCrunch confirmed that there are going to be layoffs. She explained this move by saying that the company is “moving quickly for the impacted employees.” Though RIM has been giving hints of eliminating 5,000 positions in the past too, but which departments and regions will be affected under this is not clear yet.

However, assumptions are that those working on BlackBerry 10 will not be a part of the lay off. RIM’s spokesperson has given indications on the same. The company has already delayed the release of its next-gen mobile from later this year to early 2013 and probably will need people to complete this project as early as possible.

Earlier, this July the company has already let go 2,000 of its employees, but at the same time employed 16,000 people worldwide. But considering the present condition, the company will have to adjust with just 9,000 people.

As far as the news of IBM buying RIM’s enterprise one of the company’s spokesperson indicated that RIM will not comment on rumors and speculations.