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RIM Offers a Preview of BlackBerry 10 with Keyboard

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Research in Motion strongly believes that 2013 could be the year of the BlackBerry. With its all new operating system, BlackBerry 10, coming out next year, the company hopes that it can win back some of its faithful customers and gain market share among smartphones. In keeping with the current fad, BB10 also offers a touchscreen interface. However, the company appears cautious with its innovation, also including a BB10 model that has a keyboard in addition to the touchscreen.

The audience at BlackBerry Jam, a developers event, got a peek at this new device. There was also mention about this device on RIM’s developer blog. The company will release a limited number of developer models featuring QWERTY keyboards so that they can make apps that can work with the keyboard input as well.

But not all developers can get their hands on the new BB10 devices. Only those who can offer proof of developing more than two apps for the new OS can get these devices to help them. RIM will also prefer those developers who are working to create apps exclusively for BB10 over those who are adapting existing apps from other OS’s.

The Developers Jam was held with an intention to get developers excited about the latest BlackBerry OS and get more people to develop apps for this OS. RIM intends to feature quality apps that appeal to its business customer base within its app store.

The BlackBerry App World featuring the new apps that will run on BB10 is already open. BB10 has been designed to provide users a fluid switch between personal and business data, while providing an engaging experience on both profiles. It is expected to launch on January 30, 2013. Shortly after that, RIM is expected to launch at least two new smartphones featuring this OS.

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