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The Namesake: RIM Gets Buried, Takes Rebirth As BlackBerry



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Research In Motion has changed its name to use its flagship product BlackBerry. When we were expecting the company to launch some really brilliant products, it gave us a well delayed launch of the BlackBerry 10 without revealing details such as price and availability. The phone was to launch in 2012 but it was delayed because of the company working on a new operating system. This time, while the product has been unveiled, it will only be launched in the US in March. Would this help BlackBerry’s receding bottomline?

Symbolic change

BlackBerry chief marketing officer Frank Boulben has said that the name is a fantastic asset and considers it a timely physical and symbolic change for the company. BlackBerry has also seen massive restructuring in the last 2 years. However, the want of a good product that stood strong against competitive smartphones from brands such as Apple and Samsung. BlackBerry does have its loyal users. Marketing efforts such as a change of name from RIM to BlackBerry were probably not the thing consumers of this global brand are looking for. Instead, we would prefer for them to invest in is a solid product that is able to distinguish itself in the cluttered smartphones market.

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Products vs users

BlackBerry 10 products come with some old features and new. It comes in touchscreen (Z10) and qwerty keypad (Q10) versions. This could help the company improve its falling share prices that have gone down 90% from the company’s biggest high of 2008. Yes, BlackBerry is making its attempts to enter the touchscreen market. It will be launching the BlackBerry Z10 touchscreen device first, followed by launch of the qwerty Q10 in April.

Features of BB 10

Here are features that the BlackBerry 10 will come with:

Operating system: The new BB devices use their own OS, BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry Hub: A single swipe will give you access to all conversations—email, SMS, social media updates

BBM: The BlackBerry messenger stays and moves on to include voice calling and video chat. You will also be able to share your screen with a contact.

BlackBerry Balance: A feature for the business users, the BB 10 will be able to differentiate personal and professional data

Applications: The new BB 10 has interesting new applications. For instance, the Story Maker to make your own videos, BB 10 browser that supports HTML5 and Time Shift to make a group photo with everyone’s eyes open.

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Nishtha Shukla Anand
Nishtha Shukla Anand
The founder and CEO, Nishtha Shukla Anand has extensive experience of more than 15 years of media experience. She worked with leading media houses such as India Today, Pioneer and Reuters before setting out to do something on her own in 2006 with Pen Pundit Media Services.

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