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RIM CEO Thorsten Heins Banks on BlackBerry 10 Upcoming Devices for Upswing

Research in Motion CEO Thorsten Heins is hopeful that the upcoming range of devices running on BlackBerry 10 will be the deciding factor of the company’s growth over the next decade, and will prove valuable to shareholders from the long-term perspective. Heins has also stated that the company has managed to identify $800 million from the $1 billion in savings it had to make during this financial year, and expressed his confidence in finding the remaining amount as well before March 2013.
RIM needs BlackBerry 10 to be a successful OS if it wants to win back its customers in the smartphone market from iOS and Android users. Over the recent years, the company has lost many corporate and personal users who have made the switch to its competitors for a better user experience.
BlackBerry’s strength continues to remain its advanced security features, which neither iOS nor Android have so far managed to match up to. However, analysts continue to remain skeptical about the company after its much-hyped, yet unsuccessful tablet launch, the PlayBook. Even though the device had an advanced hardware configuration, in terms of the software and usability, it left much to be desired.
RIM is playing it safe after the PlayBook by delaying the launch of its new OS, the BlackBerry 10. It does not want to, and cannot afford to, make the same mistakes with its OS. The demo models being displayed during various PR events appear to be very sleek – one with a touchscreen interface and another with a miniature QWERTY keypad. All it takes is a flick of a thumb or finger to navigate from one app to another and multi-task browsing with checking mails on the new BlackBerry devices.
BlackBerry 10 even allows users to create separate profiles for business and personal use on the same device, and lockdown business profiles after working hours for better security. Users can expect around 100,000 apps on offer around the time the new OS launches.

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