Intex has finally launched its Cloud FX phone, which is considered as the first smartphone in the Indian market, powered by the Firefox operating system.Bug in Firefox 16 security fixed

The phone is equipped with modest hardware optimized for the operating system, and operates web-apps rather than proprietary ones. The phone carries a price tag of Rs 1,999, and it is another addition in the feature phone segment. The design of the smartphone is conservative and it has a plastic body along with a removable back cover.

The phone has a screen size of 3.5 inches along with a TFT display as well as a capacitive touch Home button. It also features a volume rocker key along with a micro-USB port. Additionally, it sports a 3.5mm headset jack. Meanwhile, the back side of the phone has a 2MP rear camera as well as the speaker grill.

The smartphone is equipped with the HVGA display having a pixel resolution of 320x480p. However, the phone does not have wide viewing angles and its colours look totally distorted while seeing from a slightly different angle. The touch of the phone is not that great and is equivalent to the first available capacitive touch displays.

Firefox Operating System

The mobile market is presently dominated by Android and iOS, and it will be really interesting to see what response a new mobile operating will receive. It is even more exciting that the new mobile operating system focuses on entry-level devices and is specially made for low-end hardware.

Mozilla’s Firefox OS is based on HTML5 and other open Web standards. The operating system enables its users to import contacts from their previous sim card as well as Google account, microSD card and even social networking site Facebook.

You are not required to create an account on the operating system to download apps, unlike Android or iOS. However, you cannot restore apps and settings from a previous backup.

The new operating system features a standard lock screen, an app launcher-cum-home screen as well as an app switcher that can be activated by long pressing the home key. Meanwhile, its UI elements and user experience design are similar to that of iOS and Android.