oppo n1 review priceThe Oppo N1 is a rather eccentric device with a touch pad panel in the back, a swiveling camera and a 5.9 inch display. It is clearly meant for the niche market. This is the first device to have the CyanogenMod software installed in it. On Christmas Eve, a CyanogenMod edition of the N1 went on sale and officially makes it the first in the industry of custom software to have the custom Rom saga. 

The Cyanogen has also cleared Google’s CTS/CDD test phase and will be manufacturing a phone that sport custom ROM with factory support and also one that ahs the license to use Google Apps. It has a RAM of 2 GB and an internal storage of 32GB, the processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon with a 1.7GHz quad core.

The Oppo N1 has the typical features of Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi A/B/G/N and expandable storage using Micro USB. The camera is 13 megapixels and vested with swivel action while the operating system is the CyanogenMod. This is very similar to Android 4.3 and is displayed across a screen of 5.9 inches.

The non removable battery is outstanding and the display has good viewing angles. However, the smartphone fails to cut the top grade on the impression meter-it falls only a tad short.