Along with the announcement of much-awaited the iPhone 5, Apple also introduced a revamped version of its original innovation: the iPod in a range of exciting colors for maximum fun.

At the Apple press event, Tim Cook, CEO, Apple uncovered and talked about a range of improvements that the firm made to both the iPod Touch and iPod nano.

Adding the upgraded Siri to the iPod Touch, along with AirPlay, is seen by many as Apple’s way to hit the gaming market with a bang.  The slimmer and faster iPod Touch is designed to offer fast dual-core performance with sharp and bright graphics. The App Store comes filled with around 100,000 games, where gamers can never get bored. There’s also a Game Center- the social gaming hub, where all gamers can get together to embark on a challenge with their favorite games.

With endless games to play and unlimited music to listen to, Apple’s latest iPod Touch comes upgraded to the more-powerful A5 processor, a 4-inch, 1136 x 640 pixel display, same as the iPhone, the latest version of iOS and a 5-megapixel camera.

With the new iSight camera and iOS 6’s Panorama feature, iPod Touch offers bright and vivid display. There’s also Facebook integrated in Touch and users can even ask Siri to post pictures and updates.

Then there’s the latest iPod Nano, which as per Apple is completely ‘renanoed’. With 5.4 mm display, the iPod Nano is thinnest and has a 2.5-inch multi touch display. For music, photos, and videos, Nano is fun and exciting in wonderful colors.

With a sleek look, Nano hits the music market and the Touch target gamers and photo enthusiasts with some latest features that even the iPhone 5 holds.