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Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Apple iPhone 5: The Big Fat Entertaining Features Pushes To Take Hard Look At Apple

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The recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has captured the attention of the media and Smartphone lovers alike – taking the limelight away from the Apple iPhone 5 and the upcoming Apple iPhone 6

Apple—the core rival and competitor of the flagship products from the House of Samsung is taking the accolades with a pinch of salt. With the buzz focusing on the descriptions and pictures of the Samsung Galaxy S4—the Apple IPad and iPhone are certainly playing second fiddle in the world of gadgets and hi-tech wireless devices.

Well, the retaliation from Apple was predictable. A new page featured on its website proclaims—”There’s iPhone and then there’s everything else”. Well, the iPhone surely helps you do many things –in an easy and simple way. However, media releases from Apple are now bragging about the JD Power and Associates awards in its bag (ever since 2007) and the heights of customer satisfaction to its credit. With its well crafted design, Retina display, 4G LTE connectivity and 326ppi pixel density on the coveted Apple iPhone 5—it now wants to establish itself as the forerunner in the industry.

With Samsung expecting a whooping sales figure of over 100 million units of Samsung Galaxy S4 in the upcoming months—Apple is indeed feeling threatened.

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