Microsoft has announced that all windows phones running on windows 8 will receive free upgrade to windows 10. But a major question which arises after this announcement is what will happen to that device which runs on 512MB RAM.  It is clearly understood that devices with meagre 512 MB RAM will not offer the same experience as devices with 1 gigabyte RAM, as per, there is a leaked list which specified which features will be affected when 512 MB windows device are upgraded to windows 10. According to gadget experts at, features such as HDR imaging can be accepted but devices with low RAM may not be able to enjoy VoIP and seamless multitasking.

Restriction list for windows devices with 512 MB Ram leaked

The good news is that Microsoft has already stated that it will not be introducing any devices with less than 1GB RAM which comes as a relief for windows phone fans.  Windows power user portal has listed some features which might be affected after the update are listed below

  • Ability of the application to track location of the user by continuously running in the background
  • Turn by turn navigation feature will also be affected on devices with low RAM
  • HDR feature will capture images with low quality due to limited support for resolutions. The users will also not be able to merge photos taken from different exposers.
  • VoIP application may be affected if a heavy application is running at the background. In order to avoid this issue, it is better to close the application before making a VoIP call.
  • More than 97% applications will be supported