Capcom has revealed a series of new multiplayer modes, which would be part of the hit Resident Evil series in RE 6. Know more details about the game and its blood curdling game play….

The date is approaching near and the time for combating the living dead is coming nearer. Capcom’s latest product Resident Evil 6 is scheduled for a release on October 2, 2012, and the company has released details related to its DLC. The gaming major is recognized for extracting the best price for its DLC which features the best highlights of the edition. Coming back to RE 6, the game is expected to feature some eye grabbing multiplayer modes. The modes would be part of the maps available with the Mercenaries mode, which makes a comeback after RE 4 and RE 5.

The first mode is the Survivor mode, where players appear in combating the zombies and once slain reappear as zombies fighting till the last ‘man’ is left standing. On the other hand, the ‘Predator’ mode sees the player donning the role of ‘Ustanak’, the gigantic monster who is out to kill other players. Other players in this mode combat the giant and have to survive till the session is completed. There is a rescue and protect mission which is also part of this game now. The third mode, ‘Siege’, which has gamers offering security for a single NPC while the players in the opposition (zombies) are given the same NPC as the target.

The multiplayer is designed to accommodate up to six players at one time and promises to be a thrilling ride in the franchise. The only sad part remains that the DLCs are designed only for Xbox 360 and there is no detail regarding its presence for PS3 and PC users. Confirmation is awaited whether gamers would have to shell out extra bucks for the DLC or whether it would be free for pre-order versions.

Meanwhile, if you are still living and spending days with zombies waiting for the actual trailer of the game, you can surely check out the new link, which is now being developed as a utilitarian extension to Capcoms games. Players would be invited to be part of various events on the site, using which they can gain special in-game items released by Capcom. For examples, gamers may have to make a certain number of kills in a particular time period and those who achieve the target may be provided with additions such as skins, or other items. Capcom seems to draw a certain fan base towards its games and plans to cash in on the same by building a group which is addicted to its games and devote certain duration of time to them. Well, if you are a still addicted to shooting zombies in your sleep, do check the site for a moment. Even though the features on the site are yet to be developed fully, it is expected that the site will be more active post the game release!