Android 4.3 is one of the most successful mobile platforms . In this series, developers are working gradually to develop better  features in this exclusive android platform. Here is the list of the latest advance features added in the smart phone technology-

Better graphics support

The rumors are that  android Jelly Bean 4.3 will be  utilizing  open GL ES 3.0 system to amp up the graphic system. If true, then users are definitely going to have ball playing games, watching videos and snapping pictures.

Advance Bluetooth technology

A little bird has also told us that the prior version of android was not a alluring enough as it did not possess high energy Bluetooth application.  Thus, the android jelly bean version has been upgraded with the android Bluetooth 4.0 application that saves battery as well as catches transferable data even from a longer range

Unified version system

Of course, android OS has been expected to support all the versions together within it as its various versions create critical problems for the user every now and then. The idea of version consolidation will work well to resolve this problem.