Renault paves its way back with the fourth gen version. The company talks about the dci 90 diesel variant. Featuring a bold style with practically 5 doors, Clio is an efficient, high quality and great drive with the cost of ownership.

The company has launched a series of engines that makes it competitive amongst in contemporaries. The company is launching the coupe in competition to Fiesta as well as Peugeot 208, and Renault is sure to go for a blinder this time. With a better engine and a new rationalise body style, the Clio comes with sporty three door and 5-door model in bigger range car. The front of the coupe carries a Renault logo.

The Energy dCi 90 1.5l diesel motor renders 20Nm more torque as compare to the previous engine of the Clio. The engine is more fuel efficient than before. The interior of the car is bigger than before, comfier, more spacious along with amazingly advanced perceived quality. The dashboard is shaped like an aircraft wing along with multimedia scheme in the middle, digital speedometer, stunning seat and accents of chrome and glossy black.

The Clio IV is a promising venture of the company with better performance, improved look and more efficiency.