Mukesh Ambani, the leading Indian businessman and Chairman of Reliance Industries has announced the first-ever ‘Made in India’ 5G solutions at the Reliance Annual General Meet (RIL AGM) 2020.

He asserted that the 5G solution has been developed indigenously from the scratch and would be ready for trials as 5G spectrum becomes available in the country. Moreover he has also claimed that India’s first-ever 5G solution will be ready for field deployment by 2021.

During his 2020 virtual AGM address, the Reliance Chairman said, “Jio has created a complete 5G solution that will enable us to launch a world-class 5G service in India, using 100 per cent home-grown technologies and solutions.”

5G is the next step for the telecommunication industry promising faster uploading and downloading speeds and lower latency. However, many people are still unclear on why they should switch to 5G? Nonetheless, the fifth-gen connectivity technology is believed to further transform the digitisation revolution across the world.

When will 5G Launch in India?

However, it would be interesting to see how things go as 5G spectrum auctions in the nation are yet to take place. The spectrum auctions were initially scheduled for 2020 but have currently been postponed owing to the poor financial state of the industry.

The delay has further been trigged by the crippling economy due to the current COVID-19 crisis. Thus, industry experts predict that the 5G launch in India may get delayed up to the late 2021 or 2022.

Futhermore, Mukesh Ambani also shared that Reliance Jio is currently working with over 20 start-up partners. He added that they have built world-class capabilities in various technologies including cloud, Big Data, blockchain, 5G, AI, and AR.

He further noted that they can together create indigenous solutions for several industries such as healthcare, financial services, education, media manufacturing, etc. Additionally, he also claimed that in the coming year, Reliance Jio would also be able to export 5G solutions to foreign telecommunication companies as a complete service.


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